Cover Oranges and Lemons

Oranges and lemons

by Christopher Fowler

   Detectives, Bryant and May are at it again in another complex, and amazing mystery. Fowler’s tales can be a bit bloody but they’re also witty and fun. Fortunately, his imagination and knowledge of London, past and present, knows no bounds.  I’ve been hooked since the beginning of the series. Because the author can tweak the mind with historical and juicy tidbits, that one could easily miss, and since the plots are delightfully quirky, I am looking forward to a reread of all their adventures.  

     This novel becomes complex and more mystifying when a killer explains how and why they’ve become proficient at murder. Interspersed with the continuing killer’s reflections, excerpts from Bryant’s “Peculiar London’ and the walking tour guide”, and amusing vignettes involving Peter Land, director ‘extraordinaire’, the tale commences with Part One, The Bells of St. Clement’s. Then there is more ringing of the bells, bells, bells.  

     We are further intrigued by a crushing moment when Michael Claremont “the nations upholder of procedural civility in Parliament” has a van’s load of oranges and lemons spill on him. Fortunately, he is not killed. However, later victims are not so lucky. 

     The Peculiar Crimes Unit, (PCU), eventually flex their collective muscle; even though being de-mobbed and their building is literally being torn apart. In spite of the chaos, the members of the PCU prove again they’re an unforgettable team. You’re in for fun, humor and a great read. The only caveat being, that as in life, nothing is quite what it seems.                                        

Review by L.C.M. 


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