rain boots and slickers required

In the Pacific Northwest, stories lie under soggy carpets of pine needles; they top the highest peaks and are in the no-moon sky. Stories are found around dinner tables, in schools and crackling fires.

These authors hear things, you know. The Sasquatch, the crow, the thoughts others are thinking. A distant meow.

Each author lives with one or more cats. And while they’re hard at work writing stories, the cats walk on their keyboards and pounce on their heads.

The authors believe humor is essential and they’re prone to bouts of belly laughs, and snorting. But they can get serious and they do. They’ll give you stories to thin about. And wonder about. Come into their world and get acquainted.




New Halem Tales

13 Stories by 5 NW Authors

In 2012 TwoNewfs Publishing released it’s first book, New Halem Tales, 13 Stories from 5 NW Authors.

A whimsical look at love and friendship, truth and forgiveness


“My next vacation needs to be to New Halem”                                                         -KH, Amazon Reviewer