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This poem is an enchantment, it weaves a spell, it works a magical incantation which carries us beyond the rational world into mystical realms where the beginning of our lives and the close of our lives come together, and are one.

—Naomi Ruth Lowinsky, PhD. Editor, Psychological Perspectives, Cd Jung Institute of Los Angeles


Cat Ruiz Kigerl

cat ruiz kigerl





Seattle Poet and Fiction Writer

Cat Ruiz Kigerl is a poet, fiction writer and essayist. She is the author of three poetry books: Beach Notes, TwoNewfs Publishing, 2020, At the Town Café, Goldfish Press, 2016 and Stirring up the Water, Salt Publishing Ltd, 2008. She is completing a fourth poetry manuscript, Glimpses, due out in 2021. A fiction novel, The Adventures of the Parking Lot Prophet, based upon a character she introduced in New Halem Tales, TwoNewfs Publishing, 2012, is also in process.

She has published poetry in many journals including The Jung Institute of Los Angeles’ Psychological Perspectives. As an essayist she most recently published in the Journal of the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives.

Like the Parking Lot Prophet, her fictional character, Ruiz Kigerl’s life, including her poetry and writing oeuvre is focused upon the religious mystical. Her long-term study in religious mysticism has drawn from Buddhism, Christianity and Hinduism.
When interviewed by the editor of Psychological Perspectives, Ruiz Kigerl said of her religious practice, “The nuts and bolts of Zen Buddhism…hold it together. I have been a disciplined meditator for almost twenty years and have been on some type of deeper, spiritual quest most of this lifetime—whether I realized it early on or not.”

Reclusive by nature, Ruiz Kigerl found a job niche in distance learning and taught Humanities—focusing upon Impressionism to Street Art—for several years.
A spiritual pilgrimage that would have taken her to other parts of the world, was halted by the COVID pandemic in 2020. She currently lives at an undisclosed location near a beach in WA State




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beach notes

The pandemic surges yet there is tranquility

A meditative poem series composed while walking the beach during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Through the poems we see nature as it is, and strive for hope, and healing for all.





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New Halem tales

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Nestled around a bay at the base of a mountain on the Oregon Coast, New Halem is a strangely exciting place created by a group of writers living in the Pacific Northwest. Each tale, set in this quirky community, gives a peek into the lives and secrets of its townspeople.



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At the town cafe

Poetry of Cat Kigerl

This book is an encore performance by the author of Stirring the Water, Cat Kigerl, whose quiet wisdom subtly reflect maturing, meditation, and impermanence without self-assertion or imposition on the landscape. It is a delicate read.



goldfish press





The Healing Power of Nature
These short and contemplative poems find the beauty of the natural world in the midst of chaotic times. As a reader, I felt I was taken on a deeply personal journey of reflection and shown the power of nature to heal the human heart. Beautifully written!

Marilyn Rutherford, Nova Scotia, Canada

‘Catherine speaks clearly, plainly and beautifully in words that we can all understand and take to our hearts. She certainly speaks my mind and she will speak yours as well.’

Philip Red Eagle, author of Red Earth: A Vietnam Warrior’s Journey

Cat’s poetry is haunting. Memories are evoked, as the reader encounters a unique variety of poems. Many are compelling, and give insight into the universality of human nature. 




“…impactful – moving and beautiful and a testament to our times.”

claudia castro luna, washington state poet laureate



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February 2021

Featured reader: Poets West


Greenlake Library, Seattle, WA