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“Kate excels at creating powerful characters. They are flawed, flawed, flawed, often acting horribly. Furthermore, she is an emotive writer, exploring, through her characters, the full range of human emotions.”
–Annalece Hunter Book Review


kate e thompson





Meet Kate E Thompson, author of  the family drama,“Bigfoot Hunters Never Lie“, and novella, The Asteroid’s Daughter and the Serpent Handler’s Son”. Currently, she’s finishing her second novel, a historical, coming of age story. Inspired by her Danish great grandmother, the story takes place in 1869 Salt Lake City, when Ana Nielsdatter’s father sends her and her sister to America to join the Mormons.

Kate’s research has led to many surprising revelations, including, an unexpected side journey that has taken her on a personal quest to find her ancestors and learn their stories. She is fond of reading old diaries and letters and enjoys nothing more than searching through university archives and special collections.

Thompson is an avid reader and has an extensive library. No, buying books to add to the more than 2500 she owns, is not hoarding! Kate is a Goodreads Author and would love it if you joined her there. She stops at all bookstores, historical sites and museums. In her spare time, she makes handmade journals and books. She loves to travel and is planning a trip to Scotland, and another, to a book fair in Wales. She posts regularly on Instagram about her work in progress, the books she loves, travel, and of course, her fur babies.

Kate’s writing companion is a Golden Doodle, a 16-year-old rescue dog, who has her own comfy bed and chair alongside Kate in the home office.

Check out Kate E Thompson’s books. Find her novella, “The Asteroid’s Daughter and the Serpent Handler’s Son“, in the collection, “New Halem Tales 13 Stories from 5 NW Authors“. Her poem, “Billy Billy Von Billy Performs for Megan in the Mud Pit”, is in the anthology “Bricolage”, issue 19, 2002. Besides finishing her current historical novel, she has many writing projects in the works.

Thompson lives in Seattle with her husband, who is a college dean, and publisher of TwoNewfs Publishing, two daughters, 2 dogs and 2 cats.




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When Noah Cathcart is arrested, Charlee comes to his aid, and they set out to put his life back in order. Will the Bigfoot Code Noah and Charlee penned when they were kids help? A story of friendship, intimacy and the meaning of family.



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 New Halem tales 

13 Stories from 5 NW Authors

Nestled around a bay at the base of a mountain on the Oregon Coast, New Halem is a strangely exciting place created by a group of writers living in the Pacific Northwest. Each tale, set in this quirky community, gives a peek into the lives and secrets of its townspeople.


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“Thompson asks hard questions and lets the reader decide”

  San Francisco Book Review









“Kate Thompson does an excellent job giving us characters with flaws, ethical as well as spiritual challenges. A well-told and enjoyable story. I look forward to reading more from this talented writer.”

c. t. graham, amazon reviewer




“When life gets hard the Bigfoot Hunters find out what real friendship means.”

peggy, goodreads review













“This book is a page turner. Kate’s effortless writing flows and draws you into the story; you’re going to want to keep the pages turning so you can find out what’s going to happen next.”

annalece hunter


‘I think it’s an extraordinary feat to keep someone who isn’t interested in religion intrigued in the lives of people who are so focused on it, but Kate did it flawlessly.’

amanda scott, goodreads reviewer


“I loved the relationship between Charlee and Noah. Thompson seems to really understand how to write two best friends. It’s believable and satisfying.”

brett dent